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The book for this years Dublin: One City, One Book project has been announced as Johnathan Swift’s, Gulliver’s Travels. The project aims to get everyone in the city reading, and talking about, the same book.

Vintage Classics has released a new version of the book (pictured) and there is a rake of publicity events (including some with Fiona Tierney and illustrator Úna Healy, Andrew Carpenter and a screening of Upon The Window Pane in the IFI)

More about the project on their website.

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3 Responses to “one big city | one little book”

  1. 1 thegirlwhosafraidoffoxes

    I do like those new Vintage classic reissues - though if they were just a touch cheaper it would be all the better! :)

  2. 2 David

    Last year there were free copies of the book available from libraries across Dublin - not certain if the same deal is being offered this year (but I’ll investigate on Monday)

    Still, the new look is very swish. Colour me impressed.

  3. 3 david.

    Just checked and the Vintage classic version of Gullivers Travels is free in libraries, at all of the One City, One Book events and other chosen locations (including Liberty Hall).

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