Rampaging monsters

I managed to miss the launch of Monster Kid’s Rampage a month ago - the Very Hungry Caterpillar nudged me in the right direction. The new blog on the block has some really great interviews with who-be-wots-its, book reviews and news from the book world.

Definitely one for the bookmarks and RSS readers. And it has one of the best urls I’ve seen in ages - carbags.wordpress.com (I’m looking forward to hearing the story behind it)

And while I’m at it - have you read any of these other rampaging monsters?

Stony River Farm, Sinead Keogh, Brian Coldrick, Niamh Sharkey, PJ Lynch and Achockablog

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catching up | Irish Bloggers

Caught up with some bloggers (Darragh, Sinéad C - who seemed genuinely distraught by boyish face - and Laura) over the weekend - but managed to miss The Spanish Exposition’s look at the Irish Blogosphere until today. Rosie’s post hits on/near something, I think, that needed to be said - and some of the comments make for interesting reading.

There used to be a time when all Irish bloggers could fit around three tables in the Market Bar. The Irish blogging community is larger now and I doubt that most know who blog in various niches now. - Bernie Goldbach. (BG’s site)

As for the blogosphere itself this is an interesting post. I wrote something vaguely similar a couple of years ago. As the scene matures it’ll will splinter, that’s normal. - Twenty Major. (Twenty’s site)

Others have takes on it too: Le Craic, Alexia, Darragh, Colm, Jazz Biscuit - and more
Update: Rick O’S has an interesting post take on things too…

And in other news:


> Sinéad G is leaving the Sigla blog - the best Arts and Culture blog, three years running.

> The Dublin Writers Festival Blog has some reviews - Esther Freud, Tom Stoppard and the Irish Values Debate.

> Rob got a haircut. (In case you missed it, this is an all inclusive Irish bloggers post)

> Rapture Ponies is excited. Really excited. You will be too, when you see the trailer for the new Coen Brothers movie.

> The Sunday Tribune website has gotten a clean up. (It looks very like Independent.ie)

> And, not Irish, not even a little, but well worth reading. Sigmund Freud vs The Male Nurse.

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