Guardian Graphic Novel Competition

Fancy a chance to win a snappy special edition by Kyle Baker? The Guardian is running a competition to mark the launch of Danny Finderoth’s The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels (pretty much what it says on the tin). To win one of the prints (or the runner-up prize of Fingeroth’s Rough Guide) all you have to do is answer one quick and easy question…

In Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel about the Holocaust, Maus, the characters are all presented as various types of anthropomorphic animals, according to nationality or race. What animal are the Germans? (Hint)

As a bonus - Fingeroth has a feature choosing his top 10 graphic novels (more books added to the list). Enjoy.

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the savage - david almond | dave mckean

David Almond and one of my all time heroes, illustrator Dave McKean, have cooked up something wonderful. The Savage (described as part novel, part graphic novel) is about Blue Baker who writes stories that come true. I’m a long time fan of both Dave’s (see here) and I can’t wait to read the book…

Dave’s art is being shown in Foyles Bookshop in London for a week, starting Wednesday March 26. If you happen to be passing - head on in, take some pics and let me see!! Please?

The Savage, published by Walker Books, is due out on April 7.

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