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A link post for today seeing as I’m off to the Poetry Now Festival for the weekend. (Say hello if you’re there.)

A new blog looking at the arts online. Great idea with some loooong posts. Business with Arts Blog.

Joe Hill, brilliant btw, reviews Neil Gaiman’s new book. Not to be read by us normal folk for a few more months.

On reviews, the-girl-who’s-afraid-of-foxes looks at Miranda July’s No one belongs here more than you.

Achokablog talks to Anthony Horowitz for the UK Herald.

Stereotyping recommends: Rice-Boy. Go have a read.

Two from Una - The (5th) Dublin Gay Theatre Festival launched last night (missed it for work). Programme is going on the site soon. A new mag, Butcher Queers (only 1000 copies though) but looks great!

InterventTech are looking for bloggers on ‘New Media and Visual Arts, Performance and Live Arts, Music Sound and Sonic Art, Flash Animation, Video and Games, Computer, Net and Data art’. More over at Cyberscroll.

Aoife over on The Indie Hour is mixing things up - school starts here.

Caitriona has a complete list, including links, to all the bands for Electric Picnic. Hours of work, so you don’t have to.

And finally: Elly’s birthday is May 6. Birthday celebrations and Bertie’s ousting part in the Longstone Pub. Hooray!

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6 Responses to “Poetry Now | Links and such”

  1. 1 emordino

    > A new mag, Buther Queers

    I thought that said “Butcher Queers”. Boy, did they change their tune.

  2. 2 Ally.

    Theres a waiting list for tickets to the Heaney reading tonight at Poetry Now.

    If you’re going is there any chance I can sneak in?

  3. 3 david.

    Hiya Ally (we had a few tickets in the office - if your still interested there are more for today and tomorrow)

    Hope all is well…

    (@ Mordino - typo fixed, smutty.)

  4. 4 Ally.

    Damnit. I knew I should’ve called! Ow well…. c’est la vie.

    I’m working tonight but any recomendations for tomorrow would be swish… (Seriously, Anything you think might even be half decent… it’ll get me out of the house!)

  5. 5 aoife mc

    Hey David!
    Hope all is well with you - poetry weekend eh? Nice. Thanks for the link, hope the indie hour can learn ya.

  6. 6 David

    @ Ally: The final reading looks very strong. American poet Brian Turner, recent (last weekend in fact) UK Poetry Prize winning Sinéad Morrissey and Kei Miller (of whom I hear/read great things).

    @ Aoife: You’re very welcome, as usual. All is good here - Poetry Festival has been interesting. Hope all is well with you.

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