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Mongrel | gone to the dogs?

Has Mongrel magazine hit the rocks? (a rumour started by Indie Hour) The January issue (not pictured) seems to be up on the site, but has anyone seen it in hardcopy?

Aoife has heard, through an unnofficial informant, that the operation to fill the streets with a smile and some much needed sarcasm is Missing In Action.

Is this all hearsay and speculation? As a reader of quirk, I hope so.

Update: The dubious character of E Mordino claims he has a copy of the January issue. That said, the numpty could be lying.

Update: The Chancer is calling out for Larry. Larry, call home.

Update: Mongrel is still alive and kicking. The fact that none of us managed to get our hands on the issue is probably due to faults of our own. Crisis well and truly over.