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A couple (literally just two) of comic/illustration/art-work/visually-pleasant launches out and about in Dublin.

First is the joint launch of The Comic Cast (the new place for all things podcast and comicbook) and Gazebo (a new indy comic, this time from Philip Barrett and Liam Geraghty - who just happens to be one half of the The Comic Cast). All the who-be-whats-its of comics will be there, as well as some musicians (Mary Bellos and Schmackey and the Salads) and other people. The madness kicks off tonight at half seven downstairs in Thomas Reads on Dame Street.

And secondly Mr Alan Clarke, that kinda/sorta/maybe/really talented art guy, is opening an exhibition in the Winding Stair Bookshop next week - where, no doubt, all the who-be-whats-its of art, comics, books, publishing, newspapers and meeja will be clambering to get themselves a glass of sparkling rosé and a look/see/ogle at the walls. (The floodgates open at half six on July 17 and will be on display in the bookshop ever after)

>> Also worth a mention: the second best blog name in existence, Liz Maybury.


Spencer Tunick



Somewhere on the lines of filth. Anyone else taking the opportunity to go naked in public on camera?
Spencer Tunick comes to Dublin - 21 June.

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