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Caught up with some bloggers (Darragh, Sinéad C - who seemed genuinely distraught by boyish face - and Laura) over the weekend - but managed to miss The Spanish Exposition’s look at the Irish Blogosphere until today. Rosie’s post hits on/near something, I think, that needed to be said - and some of the comments make for interesting reading.

There used to be a time when all Irish bloggers could fit around three tables in the Market Bar. The Irish blogging community is larger now and I doubt that most know who blog in various niches now. - Bernie Goldbach. (BG’s site)

As for the blogosphere itself this is an interesting post. I wrote something vaguely similar a couple of years ago. As the scene matures it’ll will splinter, that’s normal. - Twenty Major. (Twenty’s site)

Others have takes on it too: Le Craic, Alexia, Darragh, Colm, Jazz Biscuit - and more
Update: Rick O’S has an interesting post take on things too…

And in other news:


> Sinéad G is leaving the Sigla blog - the best Arts and Culture blog, three years running.

> The Dublin Writers Festival Blog has some reviews - Esther Freud, Tom Stoppard and the Irish Values Debate.

> Rob got a haircut. (In case you missed it, this is an all inclusive Irish bloggers post)

> Rapture Ponies is excited. Really excited. You will be too, when you see the trailer for the new Coen Brothers movie.

> The Sunday Tribune website has gotten a clean up. (It looks very like Independent.ie)

> And, not Irish, not even a little, but well worth reading. Sigmund Freud vs The Male Nurse.


linkage | more than just a post title

I’m sitting somewhere between procrastination and getting heaps done (about average so) but to keep things ticking over while I’m occupied (some toilet humour) here’s a comics related link dump:

From the mighty Forbidden Planet blog comes news of Macbeth, the graphic novel.

The Times (UK) has a piece on real life superheroes. Rumour has it that you can register yourself as a superhero here.

On the topic of heroes, Whereof one can speak, aka Katherine, has spotted new Lego Marvel Heroes.

Random House has finally launched the long awaited DFC (David Fickling Comics?). £10 for a new comic filled with new material each month - including strips by Philip Pullman, John Aggs and Nick Sharrat. Nice - but will it work?

Word Balloons is another new initiative for kid’s comics - aimed at delivering news to everyone. It’s still a new site though so content is only gathering…

Eoin Purcell has an interesting post on e-book DRM - and Binary or Bust sneak peaks another new format…

And what would a link post be if I didn’t post something from Rick: Missed valentines day? He’s got you covered.


linkage | things I liked

Busy week getting things ready for my week off. Expect plenty of procrastinating blog posts from Monday. For now:

Bookslut has two recommendations: Regina Lynn’s excellent Sexier Sex and the webcomic Next Door Neighbourhless: The True Story. I heart Jessa Crispin.

Stan ‘excelsior’ Lee is heading to Disney. To work on three new projects according to Kung Fu Rodeo. Lee’s not past it. Not at all.

A new comic based on Tori Amos’ music is coming. CBR has the rest. Reminds me of the excellent book that accompanied Frend’s angel she’s a killer release last month.

Can’t remember who linked to it but Reproduckt is worth a click. French and German webcomics to tickle the taste-buds.

Use FontStruct to build your own font. Oddly addictive. Honest. [via Photos.com]

And finally, via the Grand Poo-bah, er Rick: the interweb is watching you on cubo.cc

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me me me | rightly or wrongly

Have you heard about the Dublin Book Festival yet? Its a book festival, organised by publishers from around Ireland, to promote books. It sounds simple but it was years in the making. But the festival starts this Friday in City Hall with a reading from childrens’ writer Marita Conlon-McKenna. Also reading on Friday is yours truly at half-past one. (17.5 on the nervous scale)

If your home tonight (or out and near a radio/pc or even a phone with earphones) I’m making a surprise appearance on the Arts Show on Radio One. It was recorded yesterday at PO Box 2222, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Weirdly I met Rick (grand poobah/king of all men/salty face). That’s not so weird really, considering he works there. But it was unexpected.

And if you don’t fancy hearing/seeing/doing anything related to me, go here and read about Fústar’s plan to rebirth Dreadful Thoughts. First up for us all to read is M.R. JamesOh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad. Discussion time is Monday March 10 at 8pm.


linkage | party punctilios

A nerdish link dump - on par with the Grand Poo-bah* himself.

> Never be caught in the embarrassing situation of mispronouncing a writers name again: Hold your head high at parties.

> Since you’re already sounding smart - why not drop a reference to the Large Hadron Collider (The Atom Smasher) and the new developments in atomic physics. Sinead can enlighten you.

> Eventually at this party nature will call. Don’t get caught out by the urinal game - use the divider provided.

> And finally once you’ve had a skin full: Get mad and demand that everyone at the party be versed in interweb etiquette.

*Rick O’Shea is NOT affiliated with name Grand Poo-bah, yet. Who knows, he might stick it on his name tag at the blog awards. Or he might not.

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