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I’m not sure what it is about stage performances that I have never been able to adjust to - everything seems forced (staged?). Someone crying on stage is just short of rubbing clenched fists under their eyes or a new character entering a room will nearly stomp for attention. The current Frank McGuinness adaptation of Miss Julie, Strindberg’s play about class, is no different.

The set built for the run was impressive - the kitchen is reproduced brilliantly with almost neurotic detail - but is it a good sign if all I can really praise is the stage and lighting? The actors - Catherine Walker, Declan Conlon and Mary Murray - deliver powerful performances at times but not until much later in the play.

I was dissappointed by McGuinness’s adaptation - the BBC Drama version was almost identical - except for the Irish-isms that have been injected. It was good, but not “an extraordinarily fluent and very earthy adaptation” as one review reports.

Dermod has a different take on things over at bonhomie.

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Right, so.
I’m back online and carrying a near-finished manuscript under my arm. The plan is to convince a publisher that it will be worth their while taking on my little book. So far I’ve had some success - one London publisher is curious. Not bad after only showing it to two people.

I spent last week in UCD library punching out 2000 words a day. It was strange - some of the time my fingers couldn’t move fast enough and at others, the words didn’t come.


I love writing, sometimes it just doesn’t love me.

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