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Have you heard about the Dublin Book Festival yet? Its a book festival, organised by publishers from around Ireland, to promote books. It sounds simple but it was years in the making. But the festival starts this Friday in City Hall with a reading from childrens’ writer Marita Conlon-McKenna. Also reading on Friday is yours truly at half-past one. (17.5 on the nervous scale)

If your home tonight (or out and near a radio/pc or even a phone with earphones) I’m making a surprise appearance on the Arts Show on Radio One. It was recorded yesterday at PO Box 2222, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Weirdly I met Rick (grand poobah/king of all men/salty face). That’s not so weird really, considering he works there. But it was unexpected.

And if you don’t fancy hearing/seeing/doing anything related to me, go here and read about Fústar’s plan to rebirth Dreadful Thoughts. First up for us all to read is M.R. JamesOh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad. Discussion time is Monday March 10 at 8pm.

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10 Responses to “me me me | rightly or wrongly”

  1. 1 ellen

    Good luck David, I’m sure you’ll do just fine and I’m going to tune in to the arts show;) What are you reading on Friday?

  2. 2 david.

    Thanks Ellen - I’m going to read from the first chapter of the book. The same thing I read here and it seemed to go down really well.

  3. 3 Rick

    Anything to promote reading in any shape or form is groovy with me… Particularly any book connected to anyone who has given me a grandiose nickname.

    You, Twenty and Salman Rushdie so.

  4. 4 david.

    I just wanted to see you wear a buffalo hat.

  5. 5 fústar


    Thanks very much for the mention.

    I plan to harness the enthusiasm (such as it is) surrounding Dreadful Thoughts to persuade club members to wear pumpkin, skull or witch masks (of my own design) as they join in the discussions.

    As any big nerd whose seen “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch” will tell you - this probably won’t lead to smiles, hugs and puppies.

    *sings* 4 more days till Dreadful Thoughts, Dreadful Thoughts, Dreadful Thoughts!

  6. 6 david.

    Masks AND badges?! Now that’s just fancy.

    Won’t the mask drastically interrupt the eco-friendly wine??

  7. 7 Eoin Purcell

    Heard you David,

    Enjoyed it! Would love to read some more!


  8. 8 david.

    Hi Eoin - sorry I missed you. (I was distracted by trying to stop shaking) Happy to send you on some more - expect an email sometime soon!

  9. 9 Eoin Purcell


    I think you are doing yourself down there, you cam across very well!


  10. 10 david.

    Thanks Eoin and kudos for sitting through the whole thing!

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