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I’m flabbergasted - out of the blue hazy mist of the interweb the loverly Colleen from found me. And asked to interview me. (Me?) I thought it was my job to do the interviewings… and then the questions started and my ego adopted this altogether shocking new role of interviewee. And there was no shutting me up.

Go read the results of my Reading Lamp Interview (taster below)

What about a dessert book, a book you could read and then eat?
There’s a series of cookbooks my Nan has from the sixties. They’re covered in splashes, dried up bits of pasta and cookie dough. If I had to eat a book it would be one of those. Tasty.

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questions being answered

I bumped into Neil Gaiman in the salubrious surroundings of the Clarence Hotel in Dublin. He was incredibly nice, and though visibly tired he withstood my questioning for over half an hour before being whisked off to read in front of a very packed bookshop. Neil was blindingly honest with his answers and was brilliant to talk to.

The full interview will appear in Inis - but for now here is Mr Gaiman answering the questions you sent by email/comments:

Many thanks to Cat Mihos, Cormac Kinsella, Patricia Kennon and Children’s Books Ireland for the chance to meet Neil. (And to everyone who sent in questions!)

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Questions that need answering…

I have a few minutes with Neil Gaiman later this week - anyone have any questions they would like to ask him??

I’ll try and ask as many of them as I can and put the interview up on the site afterward. And if you’re feeling really energetic Neil will be signing books in Easons on O’Connell Street from 7pm on Thursday - details here.

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