Spencer Tunick



Somewhere on the lines of filth. Anyone else taking the opportunity to go naked in public on camera?
Spencer Tunick comes to Dublin - 21 June.

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6 Responses to “Spencer Tunick”

  1. 1 Ally.

    Strangly considered doing this when I read it in the Metro, then realised I won’t be in the country for it.

    Looks like my clothes are staying on!

  2. 2 david.

    Shame. I was relying on you…
    I’m up for it anyway.

  3. 3 Rosie

    i have signed up, but may well chicken out at the last minute. depends of the weather, really.

  4. 4 david.

    Hi Rosie - it all depends on how cold it is on the day. Have to maintain a certain level of pride in all of this…

  5. 5 Darragh

    Jaysis, you as well? Will there be any non-bloggers at this thing?

  6. 6 david.

    I’m in - hanging for a sheep as a lamb… (baboom tsch!)

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