Reviewing the situation.

With less than a month to go before Christmas the reviewers have started the round-up ‘Best of 2008′ lists - and I’m sure there are plenty more of them to come.

The Times (UK) start the ball rolling with Amanda Craig’s list of Children’s 2-10 - her book of the year is Franck Cotrell Boyce’s Cosmic (though PJ Lynch’s Gift of the Magi gets a mention too). Christina Hardyment runs through her favourite children’s audio-books including Phillip Pullman, JK Rowling and Vivianne French’s Robe of Skulls.

>More of The Times UK Christmas lists.

The Guardian has taken a different approach and asked as many people as they could think of for their books of 2008. The list is impressive and has some great recommendations - though it could take all of 2009 to read through it.

> Season’s readings, the Guardian’s pick the best of 2008

Frank Cotrell Boyce appears in the Guardian’s review pages after reading Philippa Pearce’s A Finders Magic.

All Pearce’s books have this strange, unobtrusive power. They seem like simple fantasy or adventure stories, but somehow they never leave you. Her secret was that she put so much of herself into them.

And Keith Stuart looks at what games are out for younger gamers - including Peppa Pig on the Wii…

And I thought this was funny:

Doing it for the books | Supporting CBI

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