The interwebs most famous blogging agent, Kristin, is off conferencing in New York. Her notes from the world of publishing and what they are looking for:

Looking for contemporary stories with a paranormal element. Contemporary main story with just a touch of paranormal.

Voice and character driven fiction (isn’t that what all editors want?)

A family-oriented story with complicated relationship between main character and parents or main character and siblings etc.

Gritty fiction

Novels where the reader watches as the main female protagonist making bad choices or learning to survive

Quirky funny, outcasts, dark but weirdly funny

MG fantasy

Literary voices in YA or MG, well-crafted stories

More Meg Cabot-type stuff

Hip or hot topics

MG or YA with boy protagonists

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  • Love that blog like I love that dog :)

    Comment | November 21, 2008
  • I’ve just written a novel that contains all the aforementioned elements. It’s shit hot. So hot that I may in fact burn it rather than let anyone ever read it. Ah well.

    Comment | November 26, 2008
  • NaRocRoc - that’s the spirit. Burn after writing.

    Comment | November 27, 2008

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