Queen of Teen Winner

The Queen of Teen winner was announced last night at what, I’m told, was an ‘ultra-glamorous and very pink awards ceremony’. The winner (who is the only one of the shortlist I have read, honest) was Louise Rennison.

Congrats to Louise and to all of the shortlist (with a mention for the two special commendations Malorie Blackman and Stephanie Meyer) Pics, speeches and more will be up on the Queen of Teen site soon - head on over and have a peek.

Update: The Bookwitch has an altogether far-too-girly-for-me (that’s the point though really) review of the awards - with pics of tiaras galore.

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3 Responses to “Queen of Teen Winner”

  1. 1 Darragh

    A peek David, a peek.

    I worry about you sometimes. Queen of Teen indeed.

  2. 2 Darragh

    ohhh I see. I thought this was a different type of site…

  3. 3 david.

    Typo fixed Mr Doyle - and what’s wrong with Queen of Teen?!?

    /sigh. I’m misunderstood ’tis all.

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