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mongrel | yes more rumours

Remember Aoife’s informant? They weren’t wrong. Just off by a month or so. The editorial in the new issue tells us Mongrel, the sassy pop-culture mag, is indeed leaving the streets. (No phonecalls this time, I’m mourning the loss of the King of Karaoke.)

So who/what is to take up it’s place? What is going to keep the masses entertained now??
Here’s a list of potential alternatives:

I found a copy in Tower last week - a slapstick comic with a message (that is a little too obvious), but comes complete with some brilliantly clever lines. The illustrations are simple enough. The highlight has to be the back cover - a detailed cityscape facing out and some hilarious classifieds on the reverse. Including the one for a new religion, going cheap.

Limerick Now
Expertly described as ‘a new version of the Limerick Post with the Republican Sinn Fein press statements taken away.‘ Read it backwards and it is an insightful, serious literary commentary on modern Irish society. No, really.

Analogue or State magazine
Two different music mags but with the same goal. Spreading the word, musically. Analogue carries Radiohead on the cover - amongst others. And State is landing in our laps on 6 March. (Timely, huh??)

Hot Press
No. I’m kidding there.

Other popular choices include: The Ticket. Cosmo Junior. Totally Dublin. DRB (not to be confused with the Dublin Review).