blog awards 2008 | a tale of heart ache and triumph

The mandatory post that covers all things awardsies:

It’s all over for another year and all across the country the nation’s finest are coming-to with some severely sore heads. There was no queue of limo’s outside but there were 400 people in a room watching when Rick cried. (Congrats again).

So much happened last night but here’s a few highlights:

Sinead winning - AGAIN!
Kevin won a blog-dinner - free masala for all!
Feeding Una + Damien some tequila shots. How can a man that small drink so much??
Meeting Lili + Corina: they take pictures of pretty ladies for a livingsies.
Asking Rick to blag Deb into a job in RTE - I haven’t forgotten.
Talking about Elly’s eyes. Honest.
Simon winning the Contribution award - and teaching me how to break people.
Telling Stephen he was from Ballina.
Grandad and Granny Mar’s acceptance speeches.
Wearing Keith’s name tag at the end of the night - no one noticed…
Jason giving me his badge. It may not sound like much but I was damn excited at the time.
Twenty threatening to glass me. Twice.
Drunkenly meeting Annie at the very end of the night and not being able to pronounce Bjarni’s name.
Asking Colm for microsoft’s money - Microsoft, supporting the arts?
Meeting the Humble Housewife and finally getting the joke.
Ken and Ross in Burger King for the after party.

I was looking forward to meeting Aoife, Sinead, Nialler9, Gareth, Bock, Rob, Jen, Shane, and so many others - damn the nerdish shy embarressment. Congrats again to all the winners - the full list is over on Maman Poulet and Irish KC has a run down of the night. Thanks to everyone involved - well done on a brilliant night.

Three cheers to Damien for making it all happen. The man is a legend.

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25 Responses to “blog awards 2008 | a tale of heart ache and triumph”

  1. 1 elly parker

    What was said about my eyes? Don’t tell me the mascara ran after me crying when grannymar got the award?

  2. 2 aoife mc

    Morning David!
    I’m really sorry I didn’t get to meet you. It was such a fun night - I won a gun! I was delighted. It meant a lot to me, after putting so much hard work into getting a raffle ticket and all, v emotional.
    Hey, there’s a new issue of Mongrel out - but it has a bit of a sad message in it…:(

  3. 3 Sinéad

    Hi David - I was looking forward to meeting everyone too, but MY shyness got the better to me in the extreme. My date for the night couldn’t come with me, and I didn’t want to go solo as I didn’t know anyone AT ALL. So, I went out to my local and drowned my sorrows. Maybe next year I’ll go! Thanks for filling me in on some of the night though :) I wonder how the Second Life party went.

  4. 4 Kevin

    Lovely to move our relationship beyond the wave we offered each other last year. You even got to see my shy side. Sorry I didn’t stick around for longer.

    Did everyone go to Spy in the end?

  5. 5 Yvonne

    Such a shame that I missed it, I wanted to go but I reckoned I’d be too jetlagged - and I was right! Maybe next year!

  6. 6 Ken McGuire

    I’m home.

    Help me making the banging in my head stop!

    Great to meet up with you again dude, we’ll do it ALL again next year. Or maybe next week….

  7. 7 oss237

    Hang on!? We were in Burger King!?

    Great night (well Ken told me it was, I’m blurry with the whole thing) and great to meet you again dude, we’ll have to have another session soon!

  8. 8 david.

    Elly - er, yup! It was the mascara. Certainly not anything else.

    Aoife - Someone blabbed that you were near Niall so it turns out I was sitting just a row behind you the whole night!! Damn. Definite effort in the next two weeks to make a gig or two. Any recommendations??

    Sinead - Sorry to hear you didn’t make it. We’ll have to organise something before next year… perhaps a another market bar party (all inclusive this time).

    Kevin - Very glad to move onto actual conversation this year. How about a drink in Market Bar and then that curry? In the end we stayed in the Alexander and kept drinking - finally landing ourselves in Burger King on Merrion Row. Una, Lili, Corina and the others went on to Spy I think - haven’t heard how it went though. How was the button factory?

    Yvonne - Sorry you missed it. It was the perfect chance to finally put a face to the name! Still, given the choice between Vegas and the Bloggies - I know what I’d choose.

    Ken - I think Deb and I will be visiting soon for a repeat session. Had a blast - but staying low today to recover.

    Ross - We can taste the delights of Kilkenny’s Abrakebabra next time!

  9. 9 Gareth Stack

    David, sorry I didn’t get to meet you, had to run off to finish my thesis, due tomorrow! Glad you had a good night, see you next time.

  10. 10 Bock the Robber

    Why didn’t you just say “how’s it fuckin goin?”

    I checked and nobody had horns.

  11. 11 aoife mc

    Hey David - you must have been sitting right behind me! Oooh, you MUST go to Whelan’s on Wednesday night, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro is playing with Adrian Crowley, it’s going to be a great night, I love them both. Maybe see you there!

  12. 12 david.

    Gareth - That’s pure dedication a thesis due tomorrow! Last deadline I had I was holed up in front of a keyboard until the last minute. Sorry I missed you though. Good luck with the submission tomorrow.

    Bock - No horns that I could see, but you never know at these things. :)

    Aoife - Wednesday night sounds good. Don’t know Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and only heard Adrian online. See you there so!

  13. 13 emordino

    Two occurrences of “-sies”… what happened to “-soes”? I loved that little guy.

  14. 14 Kevin

    We’ll see about the curry. I have to assess the developing queue for free food. But drinks in Market Bar? Absolutely.

  15. 15 aoife mc

    Mumblin’ Deaf Ro is one of my favourites. There’s an interview with him up on the blog if you want to have a listen beforehand. His album The Herring & The Brine is wonderful. That would be my suggestion for your next Monday Music 101 installment!

  16. 16 david.

    Colm - “sies” is in. Lili decided last night that “soes” had had enough. It’s backsies.

    Kevin - Fine. I’ll settle for a kebab on Georges Street. Market Bar drinks after Paddy-Whackers Weekend would be a good laugh.

    Aoife - I’ll have a listen tomorrow (the faculties aren’t up to much today) The Delorentos are up for the 101 tomorrow - I’ll stick Mumblin’ Deaf Ro on the list and maybe pick up the album on Wednesday night!

  17. 17 Red Wine Gums

    Even if you did use the words sober and inebriated a dozen times over I appreciate the thanks you gave at the end of the night. See. I remembered because I was sober while you were inebriated :-)

  18. 18 MissLili

    Was nice meeting you David! Great night! If anyone wants to see some photees, they are over at my blog.

  19. 19 david.

    RWG - I meant every word (except the multiple sober/inebriated’s). Brillant night.

    Lili - Great photoees! Why was I carrying Una??

  20. 20 Annie

    Hey David, nice to meet you too! I think. I only vaguely remember it, but I think there was laughter, right?

  21. 21 david.

    There was definitely laughter. I think.

  22. 22 MissLili

    I have no idea.

  23. 23 Deborah

    Oh shit… did I make a complete ass of myself again? ;-) Lovely to meet you! Great night!

  24. 24 Steve

    Dude. Had totally forgotten about that whole Ballina thing. You’d have got away with it only for this pesky blog.

    Good to meet you lad and lovely to see people feeding Mulley tequilas. Lovely..

    Well, see ya at the next blogging event.

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