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The lovely Niamh Sharkey has some interesting things to say in the wake of Arts Council meetings about Children’s Literature and the recent seminars. There has been a lot of talk about what is needed and it is great to read Niamh’s passionate post about children’s books and illustration.

It is felt by all involved in Children’s Literature that we need more press space for children’s Literature… …Now it’s up to the Irish Press and Media to step up to the mark. I think they should start with PJ Lynch and Eoin Colfer as it was great news to hear that this week, PJ Lynch and Eoin Colfer have been put forwards as the IBBY Ireland nominations for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal. Irish writer Martin Waddell won in 2004. It is the most prestigious Award in Children’s Books, the Nobel Prize of kids Lit! I hope PJ and Eoin Colfer get lots of press space.
- Niamh Sharkey

It really is time that the Irish meeja took a better look at how children’s books are represented - and I know that it is something on the agenda. There is a wealth of passionate, intelligent reviewers and commentators who are willing to fill columns and take over airwaves - all they need is an invitation.

And speaking of all thing illustration, Happy 40th Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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