Something Fowl

Help! I’ve been kidnapped. Two hefty looking blokes broke in and blindfolded me, dragged me into a large van crammed with other book types and we’re all being taken to an disclosed location. There are murmurs about seeing a movie, maybe this one. But I don’t know… Hopefully they’ll let me go in time for the Blookie Event tonight.

Good friends Richard & Judy* tell me they’re looking for your votes - namely for their Children’s Book of the Year Award. There are some great books on the list - including Artemis Fowl, The Great Paper Caper, Before I Die and Kaspar. (Not that I’m trying to influence your votes… no not at all)

That general trouble maker Eoin Colfer has his own plea for votes or you can go straight to voting here.

*My good friends Richard and Judy may not be the more telly famous R&J.

Update: I’m no longer being held hostage. AND I got to see the stunning Secret of Kells. Tom Moore should be very proud - he, and several hundred others, have created a 2D visual masterpiece. Brendan Gleeson and Mick Lally lend their powerful voices to the movie (and one of the downfalls I felt was in some of the younger cast in comparrison) as well as a strong soundtrack from Bruno Coulais and Kila.

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  • Celine

    ‘My good friends Richard and Judy’?
    *Eyes David wryly* Have you been naming your socks again, sir?

    Comment | February 18, 2009
  • Fionnuala

    I just can’t believe that they have Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer on the list…..total horse manure!

    Comment | February 18, 2009
  • @Celine What ever do you mean? ;)

    @Fionnuala Popular book that… Be careful, it might win!

    Comment | February 18, 2009

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