Baby it’s cold outside.

After a week of manic weather, and just when everyone in Dublin thought it was safe to go back out doors, we woke on Sunday to an incredible winter wonderland all over again. And this time I took full advantage - a snowball fight against the meanest, hardest 7 year olds I’ve ever met (I’m not a sore loser, nope) and then the birth of Mortimer Jones Frost II. Isn’t he pretty? (Sadly Mortimer Jones didn’t last the night… he was a mere puddle of his former self this morning.)

Of course with the weekend comes some free time to read the newspapers:

JK Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson are winning the library popularity contest - The Most Borrowed Books of 2008

And speaking of popularity - Rowling was given French Legion of Honour last week.

Lucy Mangan in the Guardian continues to build the most brilliant Children’s Lit Library - this time featuring Mr Roald Dahl and his fabulously scrumptious chocolate factory.

Sticking with the Guardian for a bit longer - Rachel Ward’s book Numbers goes under the microscope and Michael Rosen sets himself the challenge to get kids reading.

Numbers is a high-concept, it-could-go-anywhere idea taken down an unexpected and interesting route. Seemingly downbeat, it is both intelligent and life-affirming. First-time author Rachel Ward is certainly one to watch. But I’d avoid eye contact if I were you. - Philip Ardagh on Numbers

Comics and cartoons feature in the Independent for the New York Comic Con and Nicholas Tucker in the Independent UK reads Siobhan Dowd’s Solace of the Road

Creating the characters Holly meets in just a few words, quickly conjuring up the urban scenery, expertly flitting between past and present, Siobhan Dowd meets every challenge with the authority of a born writer taken from us too soon.

And in the Times UK

This powerful and humane book shows that hatred is never an answer, and proves the pointlessness of torture and the danger of thinking of anyone as ‘other’.

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