A movie weekend and some Oscar predictions

Thanks to the power of the interweb - and those nice people over on movies.ie, thankee muchly - we made it to see the premiere of Bolt 3D. An impeccably presented and perfectly animated movie I came away trying to place the dozen or so cartoon homages lining the script - the pigeons throughout are straight out of Animaniacs. There is more to it than that… the story and characters are pieced together from other classics - it seemed to be Disney’s answer to Inspector Gadget - Bolt is Brain, Penny is… Penny, and Rhino, the movie’s saving grace, is the delusional Inspector Gadget - it even comes complete with the M.A.D Cats… Having seen it, I think Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda are safe to duke it out for Best Animated Oscar this year.

Ten Second Reviews:

We managed to get to see the uncomfortable and brilliant The Wrestler too this weekend. Mickey Rourke delivers a performance that will, or should, win him an Oscar.

And just because it was so so cold outside we squeezed in a third flick. Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist… the poor man’s Juno.

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