Tea anyone?

Those clever PR people at Barry’s Tea, in conjunction with those arty people in the Monster Truck Gallery, have put together something special tonight. Graham Rawle, him what lives in England draws those amazing pictures, is in Dublin for tea with anyone who fancies tagging along.

According to Barry’s Tea, Graham will share some of his Golden Moments over a delicious cup of Barry’s Tea with Barry’s Tea fans at this relaxed cultural gathering, organised by Barry’s Tea. I’m sure they’ll let a small number of non-tea drinkers in too - and it could be the perfect chance for us non-Barry’s Tea fans to give it a try.

Numerous illustrated versions of L Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz , not to mention its many stage and screen adaptations, have given us often strongly held notions about how its characters should be imagined. These assumptions are going to be dramatically shaken with the arrival of Graham Rawle’s quite stunning new version (Atlantic, £25), an interpretation which blends photography, collage, model-making and typographical experimentation in a surreal rendition of the (unabridged) original text. - Robert Dunbar on Graham Rawle, Irish Times

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  • Aoife Murray

    I shall be in attendance! (I hear there will be tea-themed cocktails…)(Nice amount of Barry’s tea refs BTW…!)

    Comment | January 29, 2009
  • I love Press Releases - they beat you over the head until you can’t see anymore.

    I can’t make it tonight though - I’ll be missing the Barry’s Tea Cocktails and Graham Rawle.

    Stupid work, gets in the way of everything.

    Comment | January 29, 2009
  • Aoife Murray

    The Barry’s Tea event featuring Barry’s Tea and sponsored by Barry’s tea was marvellous. I had a Barry’s Tea cocktail. Graham’s Rawle’s stuff is so cool, really unique. So you don’t want me to bombard you with press releases from my new job?!

    Comment | January 30, 2009

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