You take your eyes offline for ten minutes and it’s 5 O’Clock before ye know it.

So Neil Gaiman won the Newbury Award and buried any/all controversy around it. Neil Jordan is adapting the Graveyard Book for film and there are videos of Mr Gaiman reading the whole book up on mousecircus.com

Jamie Bell, replacing Thomas Sangster, and Daniel Craig are the latest high profile names to be tied into Mr Spielberg’s TinTin movie.

Anyone else glad to see Albert Uderzo speak out against accusations of his being too old and muddled to know better??

What has been given away is nothing more than shares in a publishing company, Editions Albert-René, that I set up in 1979. The accusation made against me is not only inspired by the appetite for power, it also aims to insult Asterix readers by confusing my abilities as an author with that of a publishing house shareholder.

Back to work.

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  • Oh, I hope Craig is playing Tintin.

    Comment | January 29, 2009

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