So what happens now?

Last week Bookbrunch asked a few UK editors what they were looking for in 2009. It makes for interesting, and contradictory, reading.

In times such as we face this year, escapism becomes even more important and will fuel the need for high entertainment - action, humour, riveting interest - in both fiction and non-fiction. - Roland Philipps, from John Murray.

And it has gotten me thinking about what is to come in children’s lists, more specifically Irish lists. Last week Puffin came out guns blazing with a list that would make anyone shed a tear of envy; and Simon and Schuster have some big titles coming through in the first 6 months. (Have a read of what’s to come) While Waterstones are begging publishers for more ebook releases - with competitive prices.

O’Brien Press have the Secret of Kells franchise releases - with a picture book and novel - as well as a new Judi Curtin book, Linda Moller’s The Great Pig Escape, James Allison’s Demon from the Deep End and Celine Kiernan’s next installment Crowded Shadows.

Mercier have two great books on the horizon - Damsel, Susan Connolly’s debut, and Kieran Crowley’s excellent and thrilling Colm And The Lazarus Key. On top of the new releases Mercier have picked up Anvil Press and the Children’s Press so there should be some really great reappearances - all available on the Mercier site soon.

So… what are Irish editors, agents and companies looking for in 2009?

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  • juliette

    According to thebookseller.com, it’s insipid, adaptable, god-awful series they want - http://url.ie/15nt

    What, I wonder, are we waiting for?

    Comment | February 5, 2009
  • Juliette - A series featuring a pack of knife wielding faery-vampires. That’s what we should be working on. ;)

    Here’s hoping there’s room for a time-traveller, a hairdresser and a world destroying lizard sometime soon…. otherwise I’m snookered.

    Comment | February 6, 2009
  • juliette

    well, in my experience, time-travelling is good as you can have as many instalments as eras that are worthy of a visit. And hairdressing is not bad either, especially if you wear you hair short, since you need to go back every so often to get it trimmed… As for lizards, well they do regrow their tails so they don’t have to really die at the end of book one. There, sorted!

    Comment | February 8, 2009

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