Chain chain chain…

See where I’m going with this? Chains have links.. and I’m sticking up a list of links that could make up a chain. Right. I’ve slipped off the deep end - never mind.

First off, the lovely Celine Kiernan (who now owes me a wispa) has started a blog - Celine is already finishing her third book, she says so on the blog…

Next up are the poor souls over at the trappedbymonsters blog. Eight writers are trapped in a cave by monsters making them blog stories, pictures, jokes… and whatever else takes their fancy. Head over and see if you can help them out.

Mr Braine has a question for Roald Dahl…

Fighting Words got a huge mention in the Irish Times yesterday - if you haven’t heard about it yet head on over and read the article…

Neil Gaiman won the Newbury award - he was a bit shocked about it too… made for some fun tweets. And speaking of Mr Gaiman - he will be in Dublin on 17 February signing books in Chapters with an un-disclosed musical guest. (Hint)

Pauline McLynn is off to help judge the Costa’s - and the guardian is wondering who will win… All will be revealed tomorrow.

And finally the Dublin Film Festival tickets went on sale last night. Get flexing your credit cards and book some good movies…

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  • Celine

    *Frantically roots about for a Whispa* Eek! I’m all out. I make a killer hot chocolate with whipped cream and a tot o rum. Would that suffice?

    Comment | January 27, 2009
  • The title just put the song from The Commitments in my head. If it stays there for the day, I will get you…

    Have you noticed your event clash on the 17th yet?

    Comment | January 28, 2009
  • @Celine Hot choc and a toot O’Rum!? I’ll take that :)

    @Sinéad Dinner is on the 17th isn’t it? Why did I think 4th? Why? I blame you.

    Comment | January 28, 2009

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