Another Pleasant Valley Sundaaaaaay…

A few interesting pieces after a lazy Sunday scan through the papers…

John Lacey reviews the new Octavian Nothing book from MT Anderson in the Guardian

Andrew Johnson in the UK Independent looks at movies inspired by toys - including Transformers, He-Man, Hot Wheels GI-Joe, Monopoly. There has to be room for a violent, action packed, 5 hour long period drama based on Risk.

Sarah Webb is in the Sunday Tribune and tells Katrina Goldstone about the book that changed her life.

Lucy Mangan keeps up the Book Corner in the Guardian - this week it’s Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes.

Books for Schools is back in the Times UK and Michael Morpurgo, Amanda Craig and Caroline White are on the campaign trail with plenty of reading suggestions.

And finally, in the Times UK, David Baddiel says goodbye.

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