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I’m offline and on the air today. I’ve been asked to visit Tom Dunne, of Newstalk and Something Happens fame, to talk about fairy tales. That Very Hungry Caterpillar covered the story Telegraph earlier this week:

As reported in the Daily Telegraph British parents are turning to safe options for bed time reading. With many deciding traditional fairy tales are just too scary or too unPC for their little tots.
- VHC Blog

I’m off to throw my tuppenceworth, more or less, onto the airwaves. So tune in (at half 11), sit back, open a packet of digestives and enjoy my nervous and shaky tones as they go nationwide.

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  • very hungry caterpillar

    damn I missed it - how did it go?

    Comment | January 7, 2009
  • Made an arse of meself talking about poo. Otherwise all went well - told some original fairytale stories.

    Mr Dunne was a gent. No under the table leg grabbing, despite the rumours. None at all.

    Comment | January 7, 2009
  • Feck, I’m only seeing this now Hope you enjoyed the experience David! (leg grabbing or not hehe)

    Comment | January 7, 2009
  • Thanks Whoopsie!

    Comment | January 8, 2009
  • This needs to be re-aired so I can listen to it as well.

    Comment | January 9, 2009

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