Merry Christmas Celine!

Just spotted in the Irish Times that our own Celine Kiernan has signed a deal with Little Brown for UK and US rights to her Moorehawk trilogy. (The Australian, German, Russian and Spanish rights are already sold.)

The buzz surrounding the rights deals confirmed the excitement we felt at O’Brien from the moment we first read The Poison Throne. We can only compare it to when we first discovered Eoin Colfer [author of the Artemis Fowl series] - Michael O’Brien

This is a huge move for Celine and her Irish publisher, O’Brien Press - and one that I think might become more common. Irish publishers, most notably O’Brien’s children’s list, are making a name as a growing place of Irish writers.

More over at the Irish Times.

(Speaking of the Irish Times - Mary Leland has a feature on classic children’s stories, including Fiona’s favourite Tom’s Midnight Garden.)

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  • Celine

    Those fellows at the OBP sure do know their stuff :0D They’re amazing!

    Comment | December 19, 2008
  • Congrats again Mrs K!

    Now it’s time for that website ;)

    Comment | December 19, 2008
  • Celine

    Shame on you Mr Maybury! You are poor web-sleuth! Sure haven’t I had a website since before I was published! Not easy sans broadband let me tell you!

    And a separate one for the trilogy

    and a DA page

    Comment | December 19, 2008
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  • Celine

    PS happy Christmas to you too! I only just noticed the title of your post :0D

    Comment | December 19, 2008
  • David,

    It’s an amazing coup for OBP and Celine and the book is a great read.

    I’d say though that most Irish publishers would balk at you saying: “one that I think might become more common. Irish publishers, most notably O’Brien’s children’s list, are making a name as a growing place of Irish writers.”

    For one thing growing Irish authors who then move onto larger publishers isn’t new, it has been happening for decades if not longer. For another, I doubt there is a functioning publisher in Ireland who doesn’t TRY to sell their authors as far afield as possible, and that goes for non-fiction as well as fiction.

    And, as I am sure Celine and OB will tell you, its not just English language rights that can reward. Celine has sold German rights and Mercier’s own Penny the Pencil series was sold to Korea, that’s right, Korea.

    Anyways this is going longer than I expected, well done Celine and OBP!


    Comment | December 19, 2008
  • Celine

    Thanks Eoin :0D Happy Christmas!

    Comment | December 19, 2008
  • Your welcome Celine!

    And Merry Christmas to you too!
    This snow effect is excellent by the way!


    Comment | December 19, 2008

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