What the papers say…

P-p-p-plenty happening in the UK papers over the weekend, not so much in the Irish press though. In other news… the blanket of snow this morning made it harder than usual to get up. We still managed to throw a few snowballs before being desk bound.

The Sunday Tribune covers Suzanne Collins’ new YA book The Hunger Games.

Peter Murphy gets more of a look-see in the Tribune and the Irish Independent.

And across the pond, the Times UK had a pretty busy weekend - Amanda Craig goes to the dogs with a review of Emily Gravett’s Dogs and Dogger by Shirley Hughes.

Nicolette Jones, in the Sunday Times, reads the excellent Siobhan Dowd’s new book Solace of the Road.

In the Guardian Mal Peet reads Ally Kennen’s Bedlam

One of the many things I like about Ally Kennen’s novels is that they are built around big, centralising metaphors but she doesn’t overcrank them, nor resolve them. At the heart of Bedlam is the image of asylum, sanctuary. However, like our government’s policy on asylum, it’s a shambles. Kennen powerfully suggests that the real place of safety is within the generous hearts of the young.

And if all that wasn’t enough reading for ye - Declan has worked out a new fitness regime for everyone. 39 steps to getting published. A sure fire way to the top.


keeping up with the jones’

Rick, Darren and Darragh have all had some muppet appreciation going lately… Here’s another muppet clip: (not quite as fun as Feist though…)

Not new but worth a mention - introducing Lego Stephen Hawking. (via Kottke)

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Ricky Gervais’ 80’s Glam Rock Fame

Remember the eighties?

Ricky Gervais wishes he didn’t…


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