on selling poetry

Following Darragh Doyle’s post about Pat Ingoldsby and the question:

How can the online community support our artists and poets more?

The most important way for the online community to help poets and artists is to buy their work.

Unfortunately, poetry books don’t sell and any drop in poetry sales is a big deal. Poets don’t write and produce books expecting a windfall from sales; but publishing is a numbers game. For publishers’ continued survival they have to turn some profit, no matter how small. And that profit relies on the continued support of readers.

Poetry Ireland is the national organisation, set-up to support poets and promote poetry across the country. As part of that remit it is working to promote the sale of poetry.

They are just about to launch an online bookstore – offering readers a chance to get some great books at low prices, direct from the publishers. The list of books offered is being finalised, and will include the recent winner of the Irish Times Poetry Now Award Secular Eden: Paris Notebooks 1994-2004 by Harry Clifton (Wake Forest University Press).

Visit poetryireland.ie for more. (Cross post from here)

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