another tag meme | 6 word sentence

Sinéad C has tagged me. Sinéad Gleeson reckons 2008 is the new 2005 with the number of memes doing the rounds.

Ms Cochrane’s rules state I have to describe myself in no more than 6 words (either 6 individual words or a 6 word sentence). So, here goes:

I’m refusing to grow up. Ever.

I think a return tag is in order for Eoin.

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4 Responses to “another tag meme | 6 word sentence”

  1. 1 Sinéad C

    Would you believe it, I’ve been blogging SINCE 2005 and that was my FIRST meme!

  2. 2 david.

    That’s impressive meme free run!

  3. 3 Sinéad

    Impressive or… pathetic?

  4. 4 david.

    I’m sticking with impressive Sinéad.

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