Mongrel | gone to the dogs?

Has Mongrel magazine hit the rocks? (a rumour started by Indie Hour) The January issue (not pictured) seems to be up on the site, but has anyone seen it in hardcopy?

Aoife has heard, through an unnofficial informant, that the operation to fill the streets with a smile and some much needed sarcasm is Missing In Action.

Is this all hearsay and speculation? As a reader of quirk, I hope so.

Update: The dubious character of E Mordino claims he has a copy of the January issue. That said, the numpty could be lying.

Update: The Chancer is calling out for Larry. Larry, call home.

Update: Mongrel is still alive and kicking. The fact that none of us managed to get our hands on the issue is probably due to faults of our own. Crisis well and truly over.

17 Responses to “Mongrel | gone to the dogs?”

  1. 1 aoife mc

    Oh shit, did I start the rumour?? Hope they haven’t finished up, I do love it so.

  2. 2 david.

    Lol - sure if it hasn’t finished up the publicity will be worth it. If it has we might want to consider a day of mourning…

  3. 3 emordino

    Less of this baseless fearmongering. I picked up that issue in Tower (or somewhere) not two weeks ago.

  4. 4 aoife mc

    Glad to hear that Emordino! I must have missed it so. Sorry for fearmongreling.

  5. 5 aoife mc

    By the way - I have that issue with MIA on the cover, but I’m quite sure it’s from December…

  6. 6 david.

    The plot thickens…

    I tried calling their offices this morning but got no answer. I tried the ad agency too but got no answer there either.

  7. 7 emordino

    Well hold on now. All I’m saying is I have that issue right there. Which you confused me into thinking… is the new issue? I don’t know, I came in to clear things up and now I’m having a grammar crisis.

  8. 8 david.

    There is no getting yourself out of this hole now, boy-o.

  9. 9 aoife mc

    Flip, I feel like the village gossip. I really have no evidence to back this up, other than the fact that I just didn’t see the January issue and was concerned!!

  10. 10 david.

    I tried their number again and a confused voice told me they were definitely still in publication… not to worry Aoife, it gave us all something to fret over and talk about on a Monday morning.

  11. 11 aoife mc

    Hurrah!! Glad to have given y’all something to worry about!

  12. 12 Eoin

    For the record.
    1. Aoife is correct, the MIA cover is our December issue.
    2. Mongrel has never done a January (or August) issue.
    3. The reason no one answered the phone this morning is because the lads were working on something out of the office and I was on the serious batter last night so didn’t make it in until around lunchtime.
    4. Reason I sounded confused on the phone is cos no offense David but your phone manner is a tiny bit creepy and also, well as I said, I was on the serious batter last night.
    5. I am the king of karaoke.

    That is all.

  13. 13 david.

    Eoin -

    Apologies for the apparent creepy phone manner - in my defence, you sounded like you had been on the batter the night before.

    Glad to hear the mag is still alive and that the king is not dead.

  14. 14 aoife mc

    Eoin - phew!!! Sorry for getting everyone all in a fuss.

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