More balderdash!

Just for today I’m giving ye some more shiny links to look at. You know you want to. Back tomorrow with something interesting (promise).

Roy of the Rovers is being reincarnated - Egmont is publishing four 64 page special edition collections of the comic strip. But that’s not all - plans are afoot to see similar special collections of Battle, Buster and Misty later this year.

Vulpes Libris have a picture book round up - including a review of one of my favourites The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business.

The Independent UK has more news about the impending new bill on graphic novels and cartoons of children.

Bookbrunch has news that Polly Dunbar’s series Tilly and Friends is being adapted by our own JAM Media for new multimedia platforms. (This is going to be good!)

And finally - via Achockablog - comes the news that Philip Ardagh has agreed to write a new series for Faber called ‘Grubtown Tales’. A special Grubtown tale will feature as a World Book Day book next year - paired with a Pongwiffy story from Kaye Umansky as part of a flip book.

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  • I was going to say I hope they bring back Roy of the Rovers bars as well but now I’m not entirely sure they ever got rid of them. Hmmm.

    Comment | March 24, 2009
  • I’m pretty certain I spotted one over Christmas… They did disappear at one stage though.

    Ye’d miss that pineapple taste.

    Comment | March 24, 2009
  • Celine

    AHHHH ! The Battle and The Misty? Only two of the best comics ever written/drawn! I can’t bloody wait! ( though I already have Charlies War in GN form would love to see Johhny Red and The Rat Pack again)Gawd I loved the misty, broke my heart when it teamed up with Supercats and lost it’s edge.

    Comment | March 24, 2009

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