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The Alan Moore publicity machine is being rolled out at the minute to push the publication of Lost Girls. I’ve yet to pick up a copy (saw a hardback over the weekend for a steep €75 so I’m in no hurry). However - the launch of the book means more interviews and encounters with the bearded one - including an interview in Word where he gives his opinion on the current state of play in the graphic universe. Turns out he ‘aint too pleased.

Mr Moore likens Heroes to the cliched X-Men of yore, before going on to bemoan the last twenty years of comics’ development. Noting a few flaws in the climax of the series he goes on to say:

if we are ever threatened with a scenario like that in real life I hope the superheroes aren’t American because we’ll be sunk.

Much like Cloverfield.

Katherine over at Whereof one can speak has a look at what influences comic artists where she outs a dirty little secret: comics don’t influence each other in the same way that books guide other books.

It is an interesting question on how comic artists look at their own work. If it’s true that the artists’ are more inspired by other media could it be due to their own misgivings about the medium? Does the public opinion of other media effect how the artists view their own work? The film industry, for instance, receives large public interest and generates hours of debate in universities. What do comics get in comparison?

More questions than answers.



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  1. 1 emordino

    I remember being quite disappointed when I found out that Warren-Ellis-from-the-Bad-Seeds and Warren-Ellis-what-wrote-Transmet are different people.

    Perchance have you read Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth? It’s probably the most self-consciously Literary comic I’ve ever encountered. Not that it has an awful lot of competition - I direct you to this excellent article on the state of computer games, which I think is relevant:

    (Does html work in comments? I’m being terribly inelegant tossing all these urls around.)

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