Late Night Double Feature: Ex_Machina and It Follows

Late Night Double Feature: Ex_Machina and It Follows

This isn’t a review.

The pic is the calling card that the studio PR team handed to everyone after the screening of It Follows (super creepy 70′s nostalgia horror) The team went all out too - as a kid on screen screamed of being followed by a woman in a yellow dress that no one else could see, a woman in a yellow dress stalked the dark cinema. (Successfully creeping EVERYONE out) After the film there was a tweet: “Much like Jaws isn’t about the shark. It Follows isn’t about what is following you.” The right combination of fear, humour and sex (you’ll see why).

Before that there was pizza and beer. And prior to that we were bundled into a screening of Ex_Machina. Alex Garland’s stylised robot movie. The science and invention of iRobot, Bladerunner and AI - with the look and feel of 2014′s Lucy or, maybe, Her.  Thought, sex, style, passion, humour … and Oscar Isaacs as the faultlessly charismatic villain. Ex_Machina is the precursor to The Matrix - the laboratory moment where the machines first discover themselves.

Both DEFINITELY on the radar.


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