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Fan of The Walking Dead? You’ll want to be playing 400 Days.

TellTale’s massive success with The Walking Dead game is down to incredible storytelling - and the whopping expansion The Walking Dead: 400 Days doesn’t let the tradition down. This time following five survivors over the course of the first 400 days of zombie attacks you’re sucked in immediately - with the option to play one of the characters - there’s no order to the episodic games, you can choose which to play first and last, with each story falling at a different stage in the outbreak - Vince starts at Day 2 of the outbreak.

Something worth noting - not every part of 400 Days is Zombie-fuelled. In some of the stories the focus is heavier on survivors and the undead rarely appear. That said, you won’t be disappointed.

The game is a clever tool to bridge seasons 1 and 2, with the story of the first TV season feeding the narrative in 400 days and the outcomes in gameplay will feature in season 2 of the TV series.

Confused? Excited? Me too. Check out 400 Days!