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I was lucky enough to work on putting together the TOC Bologna programme this year - and enjoyed the challenge in finding keynote speakers who will guide the day and deliver inspiring and thought provoking presentations.

Dominique Raccah, founder, president, and publisher of Sourcebooks, celebrates the role of the independent publisher and the potential that digital publishing opens up. Francesca Dow, Penguin Children’s Books, one of the best and most experienced voices in children’s books and digital publishing will highlight the changing playing field and the shifts that have taken place in the market. Alice Wilder will share some insight from the lessons of television and other media that can be applied to digital kids’ publishing and from her research with kids and what they really want from digital content.


I am looking forward to seeing the Digital Strategy panel - featuring Dominique, and Francesca alongside Till Weitendorf, (Verlag Friedrich Oetinger), Sarah Odedina (Hotkey Books) and Deborah Forte (Scholastic) as they discuss their experiences and vision for digital publishing.