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Laika’s Teaser Trailer for Boxtrolls

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From the studio that brought Coraline and ParaNorman - the first look at Laika’s Boxtrolls has been released. BUT you’ll be waiting until September 2014 before getting to see the full feature.

Based on Alan Snow’s novel Here Be Monsters!The Boxtrolls follows a boy named Eggs who is raised by a family of underground-dwelling creatures who live in cardboard boxes.


Christina Stephens’ Prosthetic Leg(o)

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Check out the incredible time-lapse clip of Christina Stephens as she builds a prosthetic leg from LEGO.

Gaiman returns to pen new Sandman series

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This isn’t new. BUT IT IS EXCITING!! 

After more than a decade, with over 7 million copies, translated into 9 languages: Neil Gaiman is returning Sandman.  The new series, The Sandman: Overture, will start appearing bi-monthly starting in October.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - Trailer

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The puntastic Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is coming this way - and the first trailer has landed.

AND IT LOOKS GREAT! Jurassic Park meets, well, Sony Animation.

From Web to TV - Awesomeness TV migrates

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As Youtube roles out its own paid channels and TV and Film creators look at new distribution options (digital, mobile etc.) - nothing beats the legitimacy of having your Youtube show transferred to TV.

Nickelodeon US have launched Dreamworks AwesomenessTV on the small screen — hosted by Nick stalwarth Daniela Monet. While the online edition of the show will continue the new, alternative TV version aims to pull in new viewers using Nicks audience reach. And as AwesomenessTV CEO Brian Robbins put it:

“It might take a little time for ad revenue to catch up. But an eyeball is an eyeball is an eyeball — no matter where it is, on TV or online.”

Biopic of Bond Writer: Fleming. Ian Fleming.

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Sky have put together the first teaser trailer for the Ian Fleming biopic - pulling on his past as a navy intelligence officer:

The Making of Longbird | BAFTA winning short

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From the Cartoon Brew desk: Will Anderson’s BAFTA winning The Making of Longbird has landed online - go watch it:


Flip-book mural … on a wall

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Oh Copenhagen. The city recently commissioned Argentinian artist Hyuro and Alejandro Valbuena Martinez to create a massive (it’s 890-foot long) flip-book mural.  

Check this out:

And another post as the work was being done.

Rented … to the DEAD: Zombie Comic on Kickstarter

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Want to feature in a Zombie comic book? Who wouldn’t?!

Now’s your chance  - the new Kickstarter project from Phil Buckenham and Simon Cope offers backers the chance to be a survivor, or a zombie, and a heap more goodies. The project is funded but there’s still a chance for you to feature.

Check out the Rented … to the DEAD video:

Google changing mobile search algorithm

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From the desk of Mr Chris McVeigh:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 06.52.39

Chris pointed to something I hadn’t even heard of  (not a rare occurrence):

Just 6% of Fortune 100 companies are compliant with Google’s impending mobile SEO requirements - including Disney, GE, Humana, JP Morgan, and HCA Healthcare.

Wondering what changes are coming?

Check out the Google Webmaster blog - and go check if you’re compatible!