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EW get their hands dirty with an Ouya console… and the result?

It’s small (and feisty) but the controller just doesn’t match up to the bigger devices - despite all of the pre-launch spin that Ouya introduced. Still. It’s the beginning of something.

The Verdict
It’s way too soon to know what the OUYA will ultimately become. It’s certainly an interesting experiment, and it’s already chock-full of hundreds of games, even if their quality varies greatly. For fans of indie games, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to check out gaming’s more experimental side. And for those who don’t mind the morally ambiguous nature of emulation, it makes a pretty great retro console. There aren’t enough amazing OUYA-exclusive games to make it a must-buy right now, but there’s definitely potential, especially if they can improve the store and user interface and add in some of the promised features. If you like playing blockbuster games or streaming movies, it’s certainly not going to replace your Xbox or PlayStation. But it could earn a place right next to your big console. It definitely won’t take up much shelf space.

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