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You’re waiting to be discovered as the next Rowling, Paolini, Colfer or Meyer and just when you think your chances are dust… not one new writing comp comes along, but two!

The Guardian and Hot Key Books have launched their Young Writers Prize - open to unpublished writers aged 18 - 25 and writing for for ages 9-12 or 13-19. Hot Key are one of the hottest new publishers (see what I did there?) - launching their first books this Summer -  be ready for some great reads. The prize offers the chance to work with some of the best young eds in the biz’ness - get moving folks!

And Macmillan have launched their Write Now! Competition - the hunt for debut children’s fiction, judged with the help of independent booksellers. Who could argue with the chance to work with Macmillan… home to some amazing authors and illustrators?!