Eoin Colfer | live in your living room

Where will you be at 11.30 this morning? At home? In school? In a car? At the dentist? In work? Sleeping? Playing outside? Playing fetch with your pet flea, Binky?

You know where you should be though, right? You should be IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!

But of course this flies in the face of everything your parents, teachers, cousins, best friends aunts’ dog has ever told you - usually you’ll be told to go outside. Get some fresh air. Be sociable. Play nice. NOT TODAY!

*takes out hypnotising watch fob and sways it back and forth*

At 11.30 today you will stop what you are doing, come indoors and watch Eoin Colfer live… on the internet.

*puts watch away*

So… what are you doing at 11.30 this morning?

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