World Book Day | call to aid booksellers

World Book Day, an initiative of

The Booksellers Association, the folks behind the World Book Day, are calling on the incoming government ‘to move swiftly to keep Ireland open for business.’

A press release issued this morning publishes the associations ‘Five Point Plan’ which it believes is necessary to support the struggling retail sector. 

1. Simplify dealings with government both at local and national level, which are becoming a barrier to business. 
2. Get rid of unnecessary and costly red tape
3. Address the crippling issue of legacy leases.  Unrealistic rent reviews are of primary concern and retailers cannot continue to allow for rent increases when sales have declined.
4. Reduce the overall cost base of doing business.
5. Do all of the above with speed and efficiency.
For about World Book Day, the Booksellers Association and the five point plan visit

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