Bologna Ragazzi Award

This years BolognaRagnazzi Award has been awarded to Jean-Philippe Mogenet and Jean-François Martin’s adaptation of Aesop’s Fables.

“Countless illustrators have returned down the ages to the ancient magic of the fairytale. Here it seems that Felix Valloton in his halcyon years has returned to instil a new pace into a time-honoured tale, without, however, diminishing its power. The splendid illustrations resonate to mysterious melodies. Allusive line-work, intriguing faces and a subtle blend of ochre and grey tones are all bathed in a captivating surreal light that draws everything together. A truly magnificent “tale of all tales”, this book is a typographical masterpiece blending to perfection beautiful type faces with an unusual yet extraordinarily harmonious amalgam of delicate almost unsubstantiated hues.”

Great to see Laura Carlin’s Iron Man get an honourable mention - was one of the most incredible books of last year!

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