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A poll in the UK, highlighting the drop of interest in science, has revealed that nearly one in 10 children believe that Buzz Lightyear was the first man on the moon.

The results also had Richard Branson, Lance Armstrong and Luke Skywalker up on the list of potential lunar explorers.

From the 1000 primary and secondary students asked who invented the telephone? Only three quarters  gave the correct answer - with Charles Darwin, Noel Edmonds and the Queen all considered.

And when asked what Isaac Newton discovered - one third of boys answered fire. Other suggestions included DNA, the internet or the United States.

That’s not scary… Right? More in the Telegraph.

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  • Jenny

    Generic news story template, comes up every three months or so. Researchers give a bunch of schoolkids a survey with thirty or so multiple-choice questions, then issue a press release highlighting the three or four questions where the most kids ticked the obvious joke answers. And then morons seize on it as if it proved anything at all.

    Comment | March 17, 2010
  • Makes for a VERY easy post on Paddy’s day too… ;)

    Though disparraging to think that Buzz Lightyear was one of the multiple choice options. /hmmm/

    Comment | March 18, 2010

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