Darren Shan, Kieran Crowley and more

There is something in the air at the minute - as the summer finishes up, everyone and their granny is launching a new website. This time it’s Kieran Mark Crowley (of Colm and the Lazarus Key fame) and Darren Shan (who needs no introduction).

On the back his comment last week Kieran Crowley has decided to launch himself online.

I can see the merits of tweeting, etc, but as an old geezer who finds it tiring to keep up with technological advances I think it’s hard for some of us to turn these new modes of communication to our advantage without coming across like a politician trying to talk about rock music.

Give him some time to find his feet, work out the kinks and then there’ll be no shutting him up. Welcome aboard Kieran!

Elsewhere in the world, Universal Studios have launched the official site for The Vampire’s Assistant (Cirque Du Freak). It’s flashy and looks very impressive - and there’s not too long to wait for the movie either. It’s out on 23 October.

And just in case I wasn’t the only person to have have not noticed - Darren has moved himself to a new blog home.Go read what the master of fear has to say.

And one last reminder - check out the new Chicken House website, great design and there are some great books coming soon. Get clucking, I mean, er, clicking!

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