We interupt this web silence…

We’re back in Dublin! The last few months have been incredible, many thanks to everyone we met who made it so great. Now that I’m strutting on Irish soil again all that’s left is to settle back in, catch up on some sleep - and a small matter of some copy edits due in a few weeks.

Regular news updates and what-nots will resume some time soon but until then these might keep you busy…

All round superstar and Moorehawke author Celine Kiernan is running a competition to win advanced signed copies of The Crowded Shadows. The closing date is looming so get yer entries in quick!

Long time YA writer (and superstar, it goes without saying) Claire Hennessy has started on a new venture - Claire’s joined the Big Smoke Writing Factory. A full list of courses, events and other who-be-whats-its are on the site.

And finally… because I can’t keep my nose offline - in the Guardian - David Barnett debates book covers (on the back of this I think) while Malorie Blackman chooses her top 10 Graphic Novels.


  • Tom

    Good to have you back in the game Mr M… it’s just not been the same without you! td

    Comment | August 20, 2009
  • Aw, thanks for link, you are a prince among men. :D

    Comment | August 20, 2009
  • celine

    DAaaaavvvvvvvee! *flying tackle* The blogworld just ain’t be the same without you!
    Thanks for plugging the competition (I love how the pingback calls me a’round superstar and author’ LOL! So true!

    Comment | August 20, 2009
  • Welcome back, sir: we’ll all be such much better informed now! And best of luck with the edits — I hope they don’t rip you apart too much.

    Comment | August 28, 2009
  • Hi Ivan - nice to be back thanks!

    The edits continue (ouch!) but I’m still in one piece. Let me know if ye fancy a chat or have anything to share on here :)

    Comment | August 29, 2009

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