Bisto Book of the Year Award 2009

I’ve already given ye the ‘how it felt to be a judge‘ spiel so I’m gonna keep this short. The winners for the Bisto Book of the Year Award 2009 were announced yesterday - I’m missing all the fun at the minute… Anyway, without further babble on my part.

Bisto Book of the Year: Bog Child (Siobhan Dowd)
Eilís Dillon Award:  Anila’s Journey (Mary Finn)
Bisto Honour Award for Writing: Creature of the Night (Kate Thompson)
Bisto Honour Award for Illustration: The Great Paper Caper (Oliver Jeffers)
Judges Special Recognition Award: Highway Robbery (Kate Thompson)

The most deserving books made it onto the shortlist - and the best were fairly recognised. Congratulations to everyone nominated and of course, to the winners.

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  • No Dave to muse about the Bisto with - boo! You are missed.

    Comment | May 21, 2009
  • I’m sorry I missed it really - and the conference too. Hope it all went really well!

    I promise some musing when I get back!

    Comment | May 23, 2009
  • Anne

    Hi, Just found this blog from a Google search for Bisto Book Awards. The Award Ceremony went really well - loads of authors, loads and loads of children, some very good books and the BEST chips ever! CBI President, Jane O’Hanlon made pointed and very relevant remarks about the scrapping of the schools library service and how this will impact on the availability of books for children and the support system for teachers, which was picked up by the Press (or at least by the Irish Times anyway).

    Comment | May 25, 2009

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