trepidation and excitement…

The new site is not quite finished, but the impatient five year old in me just wants to get it out there and see how things go. I’m not going to apron-wring for long - make a few excuses etc. about how busy its been, how there is no first chapter yet and how I’m still working out the finer details of plot/characters etc.

It is in a sense an online version of my note book, so some of the pages will seem a little garbled - it will make perfect sense to me though, so let me know if I start to lose a readable format. Or if I stop using english altogether…

There is one important thing to note though… the change of blog address! 

Re-adjust RSS readers/bookmarks accordingly - I’m moving the blog over to the domain. The aim is to tie it all together to make one community based (collaborative) writing/creative project. The blog will continue, but there will be much more posts related to the project.

As I said, not much more on yet - but it will grow, I hope, with as much help as I can find:

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