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Last November CBI and Clé held a forum to discuss current issues in children’s book publishing in Ireland, my notes, and many others, are here. Now CBI and CLÉ want to continue the discussion that was started - and to develop it into an agreed action.

Chaired again by Seamus Cashman the panel has more who-be-whats-its of Irish literature - namely Siobhán Parkinson (Author/Editor), Michael O’Brien (Publisher), Mags Walsh (CBI Director) and Sarah Bannan (Arts Council - Head of Literature)

Some of the proposed topics/actions from November -

  • Better promotion of Irish published writers and illustrators abroad as well as support for publishers to build their profile abroad
  • Publishers working together to increase Irish market share
  • Create better knowledge of available funding supports, particularly for cost prohibitive picture book publishing
  • Increase literature sector access to funding through better lobbying
  • Increase partnership between booksellers and publishers
  • Increased media coverage of children’s books
    (For instance why don’t the Irish Times cover Children’s books weekly/monthly? There is plenty to write about and more than enough willing reviewers)
  • High profile advocate - eg. UK Children’s Laureate

So if you think you have something to add to the debate - or if you just fancy listening to everyone else talking books - tag along tomorrow morning. Click for more details about the where, who, why and when.

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  • Carbags

    I love the laureate idea. How about Martin Waddell?

    And it really couldn’t hurt the Irish Times to stick in a regular feature on children’s books. You’re right when you say there are plenty of willing reviewers. And they don’t have to be adults either.

    Slightly off topic….it’s a pity they don’t have a regular children’s comic included. Remember how great The Funday Times used to be?!

    Comment | March 5, 2009
  • Not even slightly off topic - in fact yer right in the thick of it.

    Ye tagging along tomorrow morning??

    Comment | March 5, 2009
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