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The Hunger Games premiere’s in the US tomorrow, the UK on Wednesday and in Ireland next week - and it’s making headlines everywhere…

Pamela Paul talks to Gary Ross (Director), David Leviathan (Scholastic) and Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) -

“The Hunger Games’ starts where the Harry Potter books end. Whereas Harry Potter is about childhood and coming of age and your eyes being opened to the world, in ‘The Hunger Games’ you’re already in this world, and dealing with its inhumanity.”

Publishers Weekly talk to HG producer, Nina Jacobson -

“In the book the Capitol is the evil central power and the source of the
subjugation, and I didn’t want to make a movie that was in essence
guilty of the sins of the Capitol. I had to make careful, ethical
choices about the adaptation, which was the pitch I made to Suzanne”

And in Inis