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When asked this week about his plans to film an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five - with the incredible screenwriter Charlie Kaufman - Guillermo Del Toro didn’t shy away from the question:

We talked about it, but the deal hasn’t been sealed. The books that I read in my first 15 years of life are books like The Heart Is a Lonely HunterFrankensteinThe Count of Monte CristoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame. Slaughterhouse-Five was the one where I experienced my first stroke of humanistic science-fiction. It was about humanity and the science-fiction was the accoutrements of the tale. It was ultimately about Vonnegut and what it is to be human.”

There’s a busy year or two ahead - with Del Toro working on a TV pilot and a new feature … but after that. Well, after that who knows?